Picked up my cap&gown today. Guess this means I’m actually graduating, huzzah!

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okay so I finally finished my thesis project(!) but now I need a bit of help.

my kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, so I am emptying my pockets trying to get 3 printed instead of the 30 I was hoping for.

if you could donate anything at all, I would be very grateful. I just need about $30 to cover the shipping in order to get them in time.

please reblog this and help a girl out!

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Found this at a local book fair.

I’m wayyy to excited to read a book that’s meant for teens.

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please please please
nothing good ever happens in VA

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Who has never killed an hour?
— Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves
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Well Mr. Darcy and I are basically the same person bc I like to stare at attractive people from afar and I’m really bad at making conversation

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Fooled you! +

For Meg, based on her post.

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The Anglophilia Project

Ok guys, this is my last desperate push. Three hours to go! Please please help me out by reblogging this. I will be eternally grateful :D

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Think about it.

Well, happy 3/14.


Thanks for that. Now I am contemplating life’s biggest questions

The answer is 42.

no but I saw something about this in a documentary once

think about it

the entire text of every single book can be found in pi

all 3 HDM books in order

all 7 Harry Potter books in order

books that haven’t even been written yet

and yeah not just books how about everyone’s entire family tree stretching back to when humans first had names

every word you ever spoke since birth

all the word ever spoken by the human race

pi is everything



I told this to my dad and he said
"Does the Doctor know about this?!?!"

Now I feel like pi is what’s powering the TARDIS or something.

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The Anglophilia Project

Signal booooost. I hate doing this sort of thing but its getting down to the wire and I’m still badly in need of backers.

If you can’t help financially a reblog would be greatly appreciated!

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